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Welcome to the Busy Bee Class!


Hello!  Welcome to our brand new class page!  We'll be be updating the content regularly and we can't wait to keep you informed of the goings on in the Busy Bee class!

Good morning,

I've created this folder linked to ALL of our homeworking activities:


So that I don't clog up the class story posting each activity each day, you only need to click the above link each morning to see the next task.

For example, this week's activities are in the 'Week Starting 20.4.20' folder.

Please keep uploading the evidence through the portfolios as usual.

Thanks for all your hard work so far. I am enjoying seeing pupil's work.

Mrs Watkins

Read a book! 

Pick your favourite book or pick a book from one of the websites ( Oxford Owl/Epic / Accelerated reading) Talk to someone about what you have read.  Post you video on the Dojo, Weekly reading check in section.

3.4.20: Maths Lesson Have some fun with some Easter Maths! When you have finished it, you might want to try a secret message for your family.

3.4.20: Literacy Lesson


Read comic

Make a super-tent. Write your own comic while inside the tent about a magical/mystery tent trip

2.4.20: Maths Lesson: Pretty Polygons

1.4.20: Maths Lesson : Shape chapter revision

1.4.20: Literacy Lesson: Comic strip
Read the phonic comic  
Once you have read the comic, use the DIY section to create your own comic. It could be about anything you like. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

31.3.20: Maths Lesson: Describing Patterns

30.3.20: Weekly Theme Project: Internet Safety

30.3.20: Literacy Lesson: The Magic Tree

30.3.20: Maths Lesson: Patterns

27.3.20: Maths Lesson: Sorting shapes

26.3.20: Maths Lesson : Symmetry

26.3.20: Literacy Lesson Powerpoint

Powerpoint is too large to upload so please use this webpage 

26.3.20: Literacy Lesson: Writing

25.3.20: Literacy Lesson: ea phonic pattern

25.3.20: Maths Lesson: Symmetry

24.3.20: Maths Lesson: Shape and vertices

Year 3 Maths (Those in Mrs Jones maths class) The unit you will be looking at is Area.

Weekly Project: Animal habitats.

Literacy Lesson: 23.3.20: This includes a craft task. If you don't have the resources suggested you can create your own. please photograph and send to me via Dojo. Please log on to and register for the free parent membership, then use this link to find the powerpoint.

Maths Lesson 23.3.20 : Photograph work and send it to me via Dojo.

Here is some useful information ...

Monday:  Lending Library and Spellings

Thursday:  PE

Friday:  Homework and Reading Books

This term, our topic is 'Spring Watch'.



Homework: Please have a look at this powerpoint with your child. Encourage them to read it with you. You don't need to print anything, just write 2 sentences on some paper and return it to school. Please let me know if you can't access it . Thank you